NASA Flight Surgeon Presenting at National Jewish Health on Musculoskeletal Injuries in Astronauts

Dr. Rick Scheuring, NASA Flight Surgeon and Team Lead for Musculoskeletal, Sports Medicine and Rehabilitation, will be presenting his work on treating US Astronauts and the effects of micro-gravity on musculoskeletal injuries at National Jewish Health this Friday.

Dr. Scheuring is also an integration lead for NASA’s Constellation program that will return humans to the moon and eventually take them to Mars.

“If they think space exploration is too expensive, I tell them the number one reason to support space exploration is that it makes life on Earth better. Period.”

Dr. Scheuring will be collaborating with Arthroventions, National Jewish Health, and Craig Hospital on a CASIS (Center for the Advancement of Space in Science) / NASA funded research project to investigate the effects of reduced loading on cartilage health using biomarkers and ultrasound changes of synovial fluid.

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